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LNER is dedicated to helping create thriving communities up and down our line which are inclusive, prosperous and connected, through a focus on:

  • Diverse community projects creating opportunities for learning and social mobility
  • Skills, education and jobs
  • Healthy and connected communities
  • Having a positive impact on communities through our LNER Reserves volunteering initiative.

Community Investment Strategy

The Community Team supports the business in delivering LNER’s Community Investment Strategy, helping create thriving communities through:

  • Supporting regional Pride events along our route, to promote diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Working with partners to engage schools in deprived areas and marginalised groups through employability programmes to provide pathways into employment
  • Working alongside CALM and supporting organisations to raise awareness of mental health, promote an open culture and signpost those who may need support.

We’re happy to donate a pair of Standard complimentary train tickets, for travel on London North Eastern Railway trains, to fundraisers which align with our dedication to Mental Health, Employability, Environment and Diversity and Inclusion.

Each individual request is assessed on a case by case basis and always subject to availability. Before you apply, please read the Charitable Giving Policy, and if you still want to make an application, please fill in this form.

Social impact

Our dedicated team is focused on four pillars to help create a lasting positive social impact:

  • Through Diversity and Inclusion programmes, we aim to develop a workforce that is representative of the diverse communities we serve and an internal culture where our people feel able to be themselves. We want to remove the barriers to travelling with London North Eastern Railway, ensuring our service is inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Through the promotion of quality education and employability skills we want to help young people and people from marginalised groups be prepared to enter the world of work.
  • We want to remove the stigma related to mental health amongst our colleagues, customers and communities, enabling people speak out about their experiences and seek support.
  • By providing support to environmental projects and encouraging sustainable mobility, our aim is to reduce the impact of congestion on our customers and communities, cutting emissions and improving air quality.

These pillars are our way of addressing the specific social issues that affect our people, our customers and the communities we serve. They allow us to make a positive impact in several crucial areas.

Customer and Community Investment Fund

The Customer and Community Investment Fund (CCIF), is a funding scheme for community projects. The fund allows LNER to work in partnership with charities, our customers and the communities located along the LNER route.

To find out more around our work, the charities we are partnering with and supporting please visit our Customer and Community Investment Fund.

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